Media Environment Spring 2014

Glass Environment Experience
Seoul Augmented Lighthouse - David Hall 2012

As you know the world of real time augmented reality is about to become a viable commercial industry with the final release and imminent large scale deployment of google glass. The implications of this and the wide ranging effects on human computer interaction, and experience have yet to be explored by artists and designers outside of a select few in the google development loop.

This semester I propose a visual exploration of the creative possibilities the this new platform.

Already attempts have been made to visualise an interface and methods of interaction for this device. You no doubt have seen them as the ubiquitous 2D menus overlaid onto an environment via HUD ( head up display )  of the wearable glass that google is proposing. Frankly this idea although clearly necessary and usable is not the creative exploration I envisage.

The real power of the system is its ability to alter our environment in real time. Not so much for its data access capability but for its transparency and seamless integration into our wired world.

Areas of exploration ( Ideation )
Augmented fashion
Augmented architecture and interiors
Augmented entertainment and systems
Augmented objects and graphics.

To explore new possibilities and territories associated with HUD, real-time graphics and environment augmentation, please choose an area from the above for exploration.


Step One
Research and analyse your chosen area.

Step Two
Experiment with concept, and determine a present day symbolic structure for present day communication.

Step Three
I expect each person to generate their own structured symbol system, them print out on a series of kites.

NOTE : As with ALL studio briefs you can interpret yourself and approach the concept differently. For example you may wish to base your graphic project on light trails from night flying kites, its your decision.